I'm a maker... I make things...


I am a prop and model maker based in Manchester England.

I have never believed in buying anything that I can make myself and as a result, over the last 14 years, I found myself embarking on ever more challenging and diverse projects and commissions. I have a thirst for learning new skills and perfecting old ones.


Since I was very small watching TV and films I have always been fascinated with special effects. Some of my earliest memories consist of me rummaging through tool boxes and spare bits tins to find that perfect adorning piece for whatever "Thingy-ma-bob" or "Do-dad" that I was making at the time; ok lets be honest it was Star Wars and it was a lightsaber. I often found myself frustrated with the quality of the finished article, but as I enjoyed the process I didn't care too much and loved holding the item, that until that moment, for me, only existed on screen or in my imagination. As the years passed and my dexterity, imagination and technical ability improved so did the quality and to my wife's dismay the size of the things that I made. My highest ambition is to give back that same feeling of wonderment, that I felt as a child, in bridging the void between one person's imagination and a physical reality to delight the widest possible audience.