Underhill and over the top, my Unexpected Journey to Middle Earth and back again. Part 3

Part 3 in my quest to build a display frame for costume and weapon replicas from "The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey" based on the full size Hobbit door. If you have not been following along, I recommend going back to catch up and read parts one and two.

So this week I have been concentrating on the painting and weathering of the imitation brickwork and render that surround the frame's perimeter, so I have had ample opportunity to spend some quality time with my Iwata airbrushes. Though the paintwork is not 100% completed I have been able to get the the point where one or two more painting session should be sufficient to call the brickwork complete.


My first step was to bring down the vibrancy of the base colours that I applied last week, I achieved this by mixing up dark water-thin washes of black and brown acrylic paint, then applying this mixture generously with a large flat good quality brush, then mopping the excess off with a lint free cloth. It is important at this stage to allow the thin wash to collect in all the cracks and crevices where dirt and grime would build up on a genuine brick.


Next I mixed up a batch of white emulsion with sharp sand and tinted the mixture using small amounts of yellow ochre, crimson red and hint of black to produce a very subtle warm grey textured paint. Using a good quality medium sized round brush I then applied this paint around each brick covering all the overspray to create mortar pointing and render.


I mixed up a wash of yellow ochre and burnt umber and used this to wash the surface of the freshly textured paint, I wanted this layer to absorb into the white emulsion and then seal the surface. To do this I also added some PVA glue to the mixture. Similarly to the previous step this was generously applied to all the areas around the brickwork.


The aim here is to slowly and very gradually build up layers of progressively darker washes to to age the render and allow pigment to collect in the recesses of texture, where dirt and grime would naturally build up over time.


I then went back in with the airbrush to apply a gradient of colour getting progressively more vibrant towards the back of the frame, this area will be receiving a good amount of dry brushing in a later stage. I always ensure that I have good quality reference imagery handy throughout every step and refer to it constantly especially when working with a subject such as brickwork or stone.


So that wraps up this week's installment of this blog series, there's still a lot of work to do but the end is in sight, please join me again next week for the final stages of this build as the finishing touches start being applied and all the different elements come together. See you all next week!

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