Underhill and over the top, my Unexpected Journey to Middle Earth and back again. Part 2

Well its that time of the week again, and I thought I would share a brief update on Project Underhill. If you have not read my first post on this topic, I recommend you check out last weeks to catch up. As this is a personal side project and it's been a very busy week, I haven't been able to make as much head way as I would have liked, however I have reached one step that I have been looking forward to, getting some colour onto the brickwork with the airbrush. But i'll get onto that later. So read on as I take a few more tentative steps into Tolkien's hobbit world.


So a relatively boring task but none the less a very important step, it was time to install the electricals. Two switches were installed towards the back of the frame. I decided to have two switches to control the LEDs as there are two different colours at play in the final display. Warm white to illuminate the contents of the frame and blue LEDs which are purely decorative as edge lighting to call out the etched surface of Gandalf's Mark in the acrylic window. I wish to be able to choose which set to have on or off at any given time. I also installed the female power jack which will accept the 12 volt power supply.


To my surprise we actually experienced some sunshine in Manchester, so I took the opportunity to get outside and lay a thin base of brick colour down with the airbrush. I started with some brown, orange and terracotta to eliminate any trace of white plaster. When working with an organic subject such as brickwork it is important to alter the colour constantly, it is also helpful to fight the urge of painting in sequence, but rather jump to a brick further round to ensure a good variation of brick colours. Try to see past the very neon, day glow appearance, as this brightness will be muted afterwards with washes of browns and black to call out every crack and crevice.


My next few weeks should be less hectic so I am planning to dedicate more time to this build and bring all of the elements together into a finished piece. Join me next week.

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